Tampa, FLDecember 17, 2015

Meros today announced the release of the first public beta of Meros™, a total management and monitoring platform for Docker containers. Meros provides host and container monitoring, management, alerts, log analysis and event log monitoring in an affordable, simple-to-use SaaS platform.

“Docker is certainly taking the world by a storm, but so far, has suffered from a lack of enterprise monitoring solutions. While there are a few products available, they tend to be geared toward high-end, complex cloud infrastructures,” said Alex Eckelberry, CEO and co-founder of Meros. “Meros provides a comprehensive management and monitoring platform designed for fast, easy implementation and use, at an affordable price.”

How it works
An elegantly programmed, easy-to-use SaaS-based platform, Meros monitors a wide range of key performance indicators in Docker environments, while adding support for comprehensive log analytics and alerts.

Container monitoring and alerts
Meros provides a centralized dashboard overview or detailed stats and alerts on all key metrics, such as CPU, memory usage, network and block I/O– for individual containers, hosts, images or events. Importantly, the Meros agent is itself highly efficient and lightweight.

Log aggregation and analysis
Meros provides centralized access to all container logs, so users can find out what’s really happening in their environment. Meros’ high-speed log stream aggregator automatically saves all log data to our secure cloud servers, with flexible retention policies depending on the user’s plan.
Users can collect logs from all running containers; view all logs from a central location; and perform fast and easy full-text search on log events.

Terminal functionality
In addition to monitoring containers, users can quickly establish a terminal (TTY) session in a container, to view activity or executive commands.

Container security
Security is a major issue with Docker containers. Meros’ helps secure an enterprise’s container infrastructure with a range of tools: Users can analyze changes in containers; report on new files opened or created; get a history of an image filesystem; detect and alert unknown running processes; detect spikes in network traffic; and get activity push notifications
Additionally, Meros integrates two-factor authentication, SAML integration, and secure JWT tokens for its API.

Docker image management
At the core of Docker is the concept of Docker images, which provide the metadata for the actual Docker containers. Meros includes full image management, including auto-pull of base and common images; auto-updating of images; image history; integration with Docker Hub and third-party registries and the ability to export image file systems.

Image Garbage Collection
Unused Docker images can collect on a system, creating inefficiencies. Meros’ Image Garbage Collection feature hunts down unused and left-over images and removes them from the system.

Meros is integrated with a wide range of third-party tools, including HipChat, Librato, Zapier, Amazon SNS, PagerDuty, BMC TrueSight Pulse (Boundary), Slack, CampFire, StatHat, GeckoBoard, WebHooks and SMTP.

Pricing and system requirements
Meros is currently free in public beta. System requirements are any modern browser on any operating system with 512 MB of RAM.

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About Meros
Founded in 2015 by a group of DevOps leaders and experts, Meros has as its mission to create enterprise-grade management and monitoring tools for Docker.

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